Why I started down this path?

People have frequently asked me what are the best supplements I take.  I’ve been taking supplements for 20 years now.  I believe they have had a tremendous positive impact on my life.  20 years ago I discovered I had low HDL (the protective type of cholesteral) and realized that my parents, my brother were having problems and dying earlier.  I realized I didn’t have the best genes to start with.   Some people have parents that live into their 90s and they may be blessed with good genes.  In a way for people such as this they lack motivation and that can be a negative.   When I discovered this and saw my brother diagnosed with cancer at the same relatively young age as my father I came to the realization either I had to make an attempt to defeat my poor genetic legacy or live with what nature handed me.   I chose to try even if I had no guarantee or proof that it would make any difference.

I was highly motivated and I went on to change my eating and started taking a few supplements that I had researched and my doctor said could help.  These included Niacin, Omega-3 and Soluble Fiber.   My HDL climbed from the 20-22 range to the 30s 40s nearly doubling within a few years and my other cholesterol measurements improved as well.   I engaged in periodic bi and tri-yearly blood tests to monitor the effects.  I lost 25 lbs from 195 to 170 which may not seem like a lot for people who are very overweight but for me it was really the second diet I had taken in my life.  I switched to a pescatorian diet primarily and I also started engaging in exercise 4 times a week.  I think each of these things contributed to my health improvement.    I have been careful to work to isolate as much as I could what was causing what change in what blood test and if I made a change what impact it had on my results.


I have noticed since going on these supplements and changes in diet and exercise are profound and noticeable.  I have documentation in the form of 20 years of lab tests to back up the results.  Over the years I have fine tuned my recipes to keep improving them and to respond to the new data which in many cases invalidated prior supplementation.  I always back up my changes in my recipe with blood results to see if it is working.  I have noticed the following:

1) I continue to look young and remain largely uninjured and symptom free of any significant pains or problems (although recently I did get a small rotator cuff injury)

2) I have no sign of heart disease, my cholesterol was in the 150s and HDL in the 50s giving me a 3:1 ratio which is 3 times better than it was 20 years ago and I have maintained that.  Other measures of heart disease are also negligible.  Blood pressure is 110/70 consistently.  If it weren’t for my age I would be in the lowest level for heart risk according to the latest cardiac risk calculator.

3) I have no signs of cancer (crossing fingers) and my immune system is more powerful than ever.  I rarely get sick at all and if I do, it is a couple hours of not days or weeks.   I feel like I never get sick even when everyone around me gets sick.   Colon cancer results are clear.

4) My glucose level remains solid at 95 range.

5) My liver and metabolic signs all remain in optimal configurations

6) I work out regularly  and maintain a weight between 169-179 which is close to 25 BMI.  I can do 100 pushups.    My testosterone level is close to a person who is under 30 years old.

I say all this not to brag but to point out that my statement that I am doing well with all this supplement taking is backed by real results.

Since I have taken this recipe my resistance to disease has progressively gotten better and better.  I used to catch every cold, had a persistent and annoying drippy nose.  I took all kinds of medications when I had colds which was frequent and suffered them 5 or 10 times a year.  I had allergies too.  Sometimes it seemed like I had a cold more often than not.    I currently get at most 1 cold a year and they are so infrequent and so minimal I haven’t taken a day off for sickness in years and years.   If I get a cold it is usually measured in hours, literally a couple hours at most.  It’s amazing the difference.  My immune system seems supercharged.  This is such a dramatic change.  Further I have maintained a high quality of life in every aspect including personal.   People very frequently are shocked to find my age.  I have had strangers and others look at me in disbelief when they see my drivers license.    I don’t claim to be any great physical specimen but I have no doubt that my supplements are partly responsible for this effect.

How do we age?

My belief now is that the human body undergoes aging every day.  It is attacked every day.  Even when you try to eat good foods elements of them are not good for you.  Variety and consistency is more important than avoiding every potentially damaging thing.   Consistency is a key element of my program.  I believe the body needs the nutrients it needs daily and if you don’t give it those nutrients your body is unable to fix something that will later be much harder to fix.   It’s like anything that results in damage.  It’s always harder to fix something that is damaged than it is to keep it in good shape to start with.    Once I let my transmission lose oil and it burns up fixing it is much harder than keeping it well lubed.  If your body goes through daily insults and you get to the point you have a disease it means your body has sustained massive damage and the repair of whatever that damage is will never be as good as keeping it in shape to start with.   I believe our bodies need a vast number of chemicals to have what it needs to perform all the cleanup and maintenance functions.  Therefore I believe that taking supplements is really important.   This is buttressed by the facts above.

I want to emphasize that I am a scientist and I have validated the suggestions here with scientific studies, with my own bloodwork and experience.    I have become effectively my own test subject.  I wish there was better data but we have to face the fact we don’t have enough data.

One of the mistakes many “scientists” make:

One thing I want to emphasize.  The fact that there is insufficient evidence to say for certain a supplement has an effect doesn’t mean it doesn’t have that effect.  Many doctors react with extreme skepticism about supplements arguing that there isn’t enough data.  The big mistake in this kind of reasoning is that frequently there is no evidence that some supplement doesn’t work.   Even the supplements that have been tested frequently have numerous problems in the studies that invalidate the results for some purposes.  For instance, they may test at the wrong dose or look at effects that were not the effects that are stipulated for the supplement.  For instance, Green Tea may be tested for heart disease but I have never thought Green Tea would help with heart disease so it is not surprising they didn’t find a significant effect.

I realize that frequently a supplement may be shown to be ineffective or even harmful.   When I saw that Vitamin A was implicated in higher cancer rates for smokers I realized the whole anti-oxidant theory had some flaws.  I stopped taking many of these until we could isolate what did work.


Let’s get to the meat of it.  What are the supplements?  First for the 2 biggest killers:

Heart Disease and Cancer

1. For Heart Disease – Aspirin, Pycnogenol, Niacin, Soluble Fiber, Omega3, Cholestoff, coq10, resveratrol, viagra and cialis


2. For Cancer –  Rainbow Light Rejuvenage 40+, D3, Resveratrol, Green Tea, Omega3, Calcium, Aspirin


There are a number of supplements in the Rainbow Light Rejuvenage that I like.  I like the company Rainbow Light because they use all whole foods in the processing of their vitamins.  Their multi-vitamins have good doses of many chemicals that are implicated in a lot of positive things.   I could go through and document each of them that I think is beneficial but I find that a lot of their recipes have numerous good things:  Example:  It contains Silymarin 32mg, Milk Thistle 40mg (both very good for the liver), probiotics (numerous very positive studies), Tumeric, Circumin, Resveratrol, herbal extracts, Acetyl carnitine, … It’s really a well designed blend of many things I would have to take individually and have before done.

My preferred Omega 3 and Resveratrol is from Biotivia.  Their Omega 3 is from krill and studies have shown it is 2 times as effective at raising blood levels of key chemicals.

Key elements of this recipe:  Niacin (quick release mandatory, will cause flushing 1000mg – 1500mg/day).  D3 is shown in many studies to dramatically lower cancer risk, improve immune system.  You should take between 1000-2000ucg.   Resveratrol has had numerous studies and is another key element.  Aspirin is a key element of the above.

It’s important not to take too much of any of these things as well.  It is not clear that D3 above 2000ucg is good for you.  Some studies have shown Resveratrol above 300mg is not effective.

Viagra and Cialis obviously have the caveats that come with these medications.  If you already take a blood pressure medication taking these will lower you blood pressure further and could result in bad consequences but in particular for viagra and cialis there have been numerous studies showing these things have beneficial effects beyond improving bedroom performance.  Cialis is especially good for men to improve flow and viagra is good for jetlag and blood pressure.

I started with variations on niacin but have since discovered nothing works besides straight quick release niacin.  The others simply don’t raise blood concentration of niacin and produced marginal benefit.  The aspirin works well in combination with niacin to reduce flushing.   If you decide to take niacin you should definitely get liver tests like if you were prescribed statin drugs.  Niacin works as well as Statin drugs and better in the case of low HDL like myself.  It is also cheaper and won’t impact your insurance the way a statin prescription will.