Continuous math is a problem as it doesn’t seem it could possibly correspond to reality

I still have an enormous problem with the fact that 16 or 32 “Parameters” exist in Physics to describe our reality each of which appears to be fine tuned.

I suspect that in determining the probability of life as we know it to exist there are far more conincidences and incredible things that had to happen.  The fact is the more we learn about life and the universe the more unlikely our existence seems

The idea of gravitational collapse is interesting

What about “knowing and not-knowing theory”?

How does the existence of a working quantum computer or not affect things

Is there a theory of infinite complexity?

How does computability, completeness, levels of infinity fit into all this

how does mathematics relate to reality.

Is it formulaic mathematics or algorithmic mathematics that maybe describes a universe?

Could quantum physics be an algorithm not a formula?

What is time?  A dimension?  An algorithmic step?

Is there an experiment to figure out if we live in an algebraic or algorithmic universe?

Xenos paradox complements this

space and time must be quantized

renormalization related to trying to treat spacetime as continuous

how can spin and other quantized quantities change with only certain values


Does the ability to represent distance based on guage mean distance is irrelevant?  Is locality a issue if you assume scale is irrelevant.