Genetics bothers me for several reasons:

How many chemicals does the body process that are raw vs are produced by the body?

How does the body/cell regulate the quantities of various chemicals to maintain homeostasis?

How does the body / cell decide which genes to activate in which quantity when?

What are the subsegments of genes that form the machines and how many of these are there?  Do the machines do different things?  Wildly different things?

How do multi-cellular functions and interactions occur and how are those programmed?

What are the number of possible input variations and ways in which the body has to react?

How does the brain interact with the basic body processes?

What things are programmed into the brain?

How many different organs, cell types, different configurations of basic building parts are there?


If you add these all up the amount of information that has to be encoded in the genetic code is impossible it seems to me.

Can we figure out how many genes vs switches and controls there are?

Are some of the genes producing protien machines that can act in complex ways, i.e. measuring something and activating or doing something else

Can we figure out a numeric way to quantize the complexity of the body operation or amount of programming required to run a human body or build one

What is the purpose of the microtubules?

Are there microtubles in the DNA?

How could memory be stored in quantum universe?

How could pattern matching be done by a quantum system?


this is an amazing creature that rebuilds its DNA and merges with other organisms